Partnerships for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas

POETA is a regional initiative that develops technical life and job readiness skills to advance economic opportunities for vulnerable communities in the Americas. At its core, POETA aims to bridge the inequality gap in the region through a multidisciplinary approach that helps participants develop key skills such as digital literacy, technology appropriation, self-awareness and communication, to develop life plans, start or strengthen social and economic ventures.

Program purpose | Provide technical vocational training to individuals pursuing economic opportunities

Participants Profile

People wishing to go back to school.
People seeking technical or professional certifications
Individuals who seek re-skilling or up-skilling
People wishing to connect or re-connect with the job market
People starting or strengthening entrepreneurships


  • Technical training in digital skills, computer science, sales, customer service, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship
  • Live skills and leadership training
  • Route: prevention of violence against women and girls
  • Coaching for job and learning placement or entrepreneurship strengthening
  • Access to a network of partners to enhance opportunities
  • Access to local events to promote graduates’ services and connect to a broader network


POETA Program presence
Costa Rica
Puerto Rico
República Dominicana


A New Path
Project under implementation
Creating a Career Path in Cybersecurity
Colombia - Costa Rica - Perú - República Dominicana
Project under implementation
Fostering and Strengthening Entrepreneurship in Guayama for its local Development
Puerto Rico
Project under implementation
POETA YouthSpark
Argentina - Brasil - Chile - Colombia - Mexico - República Dominicana
Project under implementation
Unleashing the Potential of Venezuelan Displaced Population
Argentina - Chile - Colombia - Ecuador - Perú
Project under implementation
VIVE - Come, be Inspired and Sell
Project under implementation
Young Women Business Leaders
Project completed