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VIVE Project: VIVE in Spanish means "Come, be inspired and sell". The Walmart Foundation supports this project implemented in Mexico by The Trust for the Americas, in partnership with the ManpowerGroup Foundation. Since 2016, VIVE seeks to increase the economic empowerment of Mexican women through training in technical skills such as sales, retail, customer service, and life skills like entrepreneurship, effective communication and leadership. The training is aimed at low-income women over 15 years old from communities in vulnerable situations. VIVE has had a presence in 184 municipalities, in 28 Mexican states. During 2018, The Trust added to the curriculum the course on prevention of violence against girls and women. In this way, the project's objective is that participants increase their chances of accessing formal economic opportunities in these areas, as well as helping to prevent gender violence.

Project purpose

Train Mexican women in technical skills to increase their sustained ability to access economic and learning opportunities.

Project goals

58,000 participants complete their training during the first three years.

95% of the beneficiaries are women.

20% of the participants, who are legally of age, have access to an economic opportunity such as employment, internship, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship or other economic or learning opportunities.

Main achievements

As of January 2019 Proyecto VIVE trained 51,000 people. Of the total people trained, 38,773 are women.
of graduates surveyed believe that the VIVE Project provides useful professional skills and perceived the project as a personal and professional empowerment opportunity that gave them confidence and security in their professional activities and that it gave them tools to take control of their lives (Genera, 2017).
of graduates perceive excellent capacity to carry out work in sales and customer service. In addition, 74% of the beneficiaries consulted mentioned that they have increased their income, since they increase their sales, attract new customers and create networks of contacts.
VIVE graduates had greater employability perspectives than their counterparts in the control group, as a good proportion of them either started a business, accessed jobs or where promoted after the training (57% in San Luis Potosí, 42% in Coatepec, 66% in Guadalajara and 50% in Celaya).
VIVE graduates are more likely to start entrepreneurships after VIVE. +50% of graduates in the treatment group started entrepreneurships after the training, with an increase from 34% to 73% percentage points between the control and treatment group.
of graduates perceive increased ability to take decisions independently after the training, with an increase from 20% to 60% percentage points between the control and treatment group



The beneficiaries take the courses of their choice.

Development of a network

Women expand their possibilities from learning the courses, meeting the VIVE team and other beneficiaries.

Entrepreneurship and work

Women are employed or start their own business. They increase their economic opportunities.

Strategic partners

Project Donor
Project founder and implementer
Founding partner and implementer
Project implementer in Estado de México
Implementing partner in Guadalajara, Jalisco; Monterrey, Nuevo León and Mérida, Yucatán.
The VIVE center in Colima has the support of the state government.
Implementing partner in Mérida, Chilpancingo, Hidalgo and Toluca
Started implementing courses in 2019 in Mexico City, Hidalgo and Puebla
Supports the implementation through the Centro Poder Joven in Celaya
Supports the VIVE center in  San Luis Potosí.
Implementing partner in Colima.
Supports the VIVE  center in Los Cabos.
Supports the implementation in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Supported VIVE with a donation of airtime to broadcast the VIVE spot and radio interviews.
Donated airtime to broadcast the VIVE spot in Tijuana and Mexicali
Donated airtime in the Metrobus system in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guadalajara and Puebla.
Implemented courses in Mexico City and offers job postings for the VIVE graduates.
Donated airtime to broadcast the VIVE spot and interviews.
Donation of broadcastings and facilities for training in Iztapalapa, Mexico City.
Provides facilities and mobilization of team members for training in Sonora.
Supports the implementation of courses in Mexico City.

Success Stories

Cecilia Rivera

San Luis Potosi (Mexico)

Cecilia Rivera (20) is a young woman who found Proyecto VIVE in the shelter "Otra Oportunidad AC" (Another Opportunity) in San Luis Potosí, where they receive women who live in a violent situation. Cecilia is the mother of a girl. When she was told that there was a customer service course opening soon, she was very excited. With emotion she says that in the course she learned other expectations about how to give customer service, for example: how to treat a shy client. 

After Proyecto VIVE, Cecilia found a job, now she is a Trainer in Customer Service in a company. She uses all of the tools she learned. In VIVE, she was trained and also had the possibility to become certified in Customer Service with CONOCER. "I have always said that studying opens many doors" said Cecilia. 


Milpa Alta

CDMX (Mexico)

"I was part of Proyecto VIVE and it helped me to empower myself as a woman, to remove barriers, it taught me that everything is possible if I believe in myself, I showed it to myself by participating in a photography contest that VIVE organized, where I won the first place. I could not believe it, I felt very proud and I was able to show that dreams come true. My vision opened more, I met very important people. It left me with a very great satisfaction. Today I have sought institutions such as the Women's Institute to continue strengthening my self-esteem, I took photography workshops where I discovered my gift taking photographs." On March 8th, 2018 Fabiola was invited to exhibit new photographs and participated in a forum of women photographers where she spoke about her experiences as a woman. "I thank VIVE for all they have done for me and I hope they continue to encourage more women to fulfill their dreams." 

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Tijuana, BC

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Sandra Alejandra González Olachea
Vinculadora de Proyecto VIVE – Tijuana, BC
664 438 1862
Los Cabos, BCS

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Ana Karen Salomón Jiménez
Vinculadora de Proyecto VIVE – Los Cabos, BC
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Ciudad de México

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Laura Hernández Vázquez
Vinculadora de Proyecto VIVE
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