Unleashing the Potential of Venezuelan Displaced Population

Argentina - Chile - Colombia - Ecuador - Perú
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In the wake of turmoil and increasing humanitarian needs, Secretary General Luis Almagro designated The Trust for the Americas to lead and foster private sector collaboration to support displaced Venezuelans. In response, The Trust, with its OAS partners, is launching a multi-year intervention to improve the lives of displaced Venezuelans and receiving communities. The Trust for the Americas will use its experience with its 200 centers and the OAS experience in each of the receiving countries to present options for migrants in any receiving country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The OAS working group and The Trust, have identified an important service gap. Support to migrants who have temporarily resettled outside of Venezuela, is extremely limited. Information on how to establish a ramp to employment is an area that has gotten little attention and insufficient funding from humanitarian agencies. 



Project purpose

This project provides a multi-dimensional solution to that critical roadblock to improving the lives of refugees, migrants and receiving communities. This intervention focuses on providing support to displaced Venezuelans seeking to support themselves and their families outside Venezuela.

Our Vision of Success
After three years of implementation, displaced Venezuelan beneficiaries will be integrated into host communities as economically independent families contributing to economic prosperity. Many migrants and underserved peoples will have upgraded their own skills.


Project goals

Empower local vulnerable communities together with migrants and refugees, with digital, technical and entrepreneurial skills to access employment or start businesses; and

Promote mutual awareness and collaboration among Venezuelan migrants, refugees and receiving communities;

Create a support network for migrants and refugees to access local resources to improve their integration with receiving communities.


Support Network – Informing and connecting newly arrived Venezuelans to local resources.
The most vulnerable displaced and local vulnerable populations are given opportunities to provide for themselves and their families.
Local vulnerable communities and displaced communities share a common space to find solutions to their needs.

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An Initiative for Private – Public Collaboration By The Trust for the Americas
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