How we do it

We can only provide much needed opportunities for every generation to thrive and build a peaceful prosperous future by developing strong partnerships with stakeholders in each country where we work.

The Trust’s Strength: Region-Wide Synergies

Civil Society
Public Sector
Private Sector

Implementing our programs

The Trust works with trusted local partners and a team of specialists across Latin America and the Caribbean, and builds their capacity to provide quality services to underserved communities. This creates local ownership, increases sustainability, and makes our projects locally relevant. With a proven record of successful alliances with academia, civil society, governments and private corporations, we deliver targeted programs with a strong understanding of local needs and challenges.

Investing in our programs

Alliances with public, private and non-profit sector helps us contribute to the region through grants, investments, in-kind contributions, knowledge and content. With this generous support, The Trust for the Americas is generating a long-lasting impact in the region.

Board contributions
Federal Grants