CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action in Spanish)

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The CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action – in Spanish) is implemented in Mexico by The Trust for the Americas thanks to the support from Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Since 2022, CIMA seeks to increase the general wellbeing and financial autonomy of young women between the ages of 16 and 29 through comprehensive training and mentorship focused on technical, life, digital and empowerment skills. In this way, CIMA aids its participants to access quality job opportunities in the hospitality and service sectors in Mexico City and its Metro Area. 

Project purpose

To impact 400 young women in Mexico City and its Metro Area within two years with the purpose of increasing their financial autonomy and general wellbeing. 

Project goals

Train 400 young women through content in technical, life, digital, and empowerment skills.

Offer personalized and continuous support to 100% of participants through mentorship, psychoemotional support, childcare support, and stipends.

Promote women's empowerment by providing valuable information and resources to 100% of participants to help them recognize and respond to instances of violence in personal and professional settings.

Connect at least 60% of participants with quality job opportunities in the hospitality and services industries.

Main achievements

Since 2022, CIMA Project has empowered 434 young women through a comprehensive training program.
Since 2022, CIMA Project has successfully linked 206 young women to a quality job opportunity.
Since 2022, 100% of CIMA graduates have received at least one support service and a stipend.


Comprehensive Training Route

CIMA participants access a comprehensive learning pathway comprised of four pillars of training: technical skills for the hospitality and service industries, life skills, digital skills, and empowerment skills. 

Stipends and incentives

CIMA participants receive support services through stipends and employability incentives provided via voucher cards, aimed at acknowledging and rewarding their commitment to CIMA's training pathway. 

Support and mentorship

CIMA participants receive individual and group psychoemotional support from health professionals and mentors who are dedicated to the participants' professional growth and well-being. 

Job facilitation

CIMA participants receive assistance to secure quality job opportunities in the hospitality and service industries. 

Strategic partners

Success Stories

Unlocking Potential: Ely's Transformation through the CIMA Project

Mexico City

Ely (25), from Mexico City, found in the CIMA Project the key to unlocking her potential and opening doors to transformative opportunities. She discovered CIMA thanks to a poster from local implementing partner, JCC, marking a turning point in her life. "My expectations were clear: quality education and tools to advance," shares Ely. "I had never participated in training like this before, so I was eager to learn more." 

Through her training on biases, resilience, and emotional intelligence, Ely underwent a significant transformation. Ely shares how she went from being a rather introvertive person, to becoming a more outgoing person who interacts openly, allowing her to forge more positive and stronger relationships. Ely attributes much of the personal growth she experienced to the CIMA training on life and empowerment skills, as well as the close support she received from JCC staff. 

Ely successfully secured a job at a specialty coffee shop. Besides gaining financial stability, she found joy in providing exceptional experiences to her customers. Ely aspires to learn a new language, pursue university studies in tourism, and achieve full economic independence. Ely’s story highlights the fundamental role of the CIMA Project and JCC in her journey towards personal and professional growth, demonstrating that change is possible with commitment and support. 

Transformation in Action: Ana Karen's Journey with CIMA and SERAJ

Mexico City

Ana Karen (22), from Mexico City, was as a single mother dedicated to her home, when she decided to change her life's course and joined the CIMA Project through local implementing partner, SERAJ. Ana Karen’s entry into the CIMA Project marked a milestone: "It has been everything for me," she confesses. Through the CIMA training, she strengthened crucial aspects of her life by boosting her self-esteem, improving her assertive communication, growing her self-confidence, as well as expanding her technical and digital skills. 

At the beginning of her journey, Ana Karen faced some challenges as she experienced insecurity and anxiety, but the CIMA Project became her key ally. With time, she overcame her fears and improved her ability to express herself in public. Indeed, at Ana Karen’s cohort graduation ceremony, she faced her fear and spoke in front of the audience. 

During her journey through CIMA, Ana Karen decided to return to high school, a significant achievement for her as she always wanted to continue her education. Through workshops on positive parenting, Ana Karen strengthened her role as a mother, learning to “be a mother without guilt”, which positively impacted her family dynamic. In addition, stipend supports eased some of her financial stress, supporting her completion of the training pathway. 

With SERAJ's support, Ana Karen gained crucial professional experience at a hotel and a human resources agency. Based on her outstanding performance, Ana Karen secured a job as an Administrative Assistant in the latter. Ana Karen thanks SERAJ and CIMA for changing her life. "They offered me a new reality in which I overcame my fears and secured a formal job." Ana Karen plans to complete high school and pursue university studies. "Today, I feel happy. I know what I want to do with my life, and this motivates me to achieve my goals," she shares. 

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