CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action in Spanish)

Project under implementation


The CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action – in Spanish) is implemented in Mexico by The Trust for the Americas thanks to the support from The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Since 2022, CIMA seeks to increase the general wellbeing and financial autonomy of young women between the ages of 16 to 29 through training and mentorship, both online and in-person, focused on technical, life, digital and empowerment skills.  

In this way, CIMA supports its beneficiaries to access job opportunities within the hospitality sector in Greater Mexico City. 

Project purpose

To impact 400 young women in Greater Mexico City within two years with the purpose of supporting their financial autonomy and general wellbeing. 

Project goals

To train young women who are in vulnerable situations through comprehensive training in technical, digital, life and empowerment skills.

To promote technical, life, empowerment and digital skills among young women who currently do not work nor study

To train 400 young women so that they may compete for a quality job opportunity

To link 70% of participants to a quality job opportunity within the hospitality industry

Main achievements

The CIMA Project closed its first year of operations with 179 women successfully trained.


Comprehensive Training Route

Women access Comprehensive Learning Path in the 4 main training pillars: Technical Skills for the Hospitality Industry, Life Skills, Digital Skills, and Empowerment Skills. 

Access to support services

Women access support services in the form of stipends through voucher cards with the purpose of recognizing and rewarding the time they spent attending trainings. 

Accompaniment and mentoring

Women receive psycho-emotional support through health professionals and personalized mentoring. 

Job facilitation

Women receive support to obtain a quality job opportunity within the hospitality industry. 

Strategic partners

Success Stories

Taking part in the CIMA Project meant important changes for me

Ecatepec, México

Tania (29), from Ecatepec, Estado de Mexico, is the head of her household and a mother of two children. Tania was experiencing financial constraints when a friend of hers invited her to the CIMA Project at Servicios a la Juventud (SERAJ). She decided to attend the CIMA training, through which she improved her life skills with the help of courses on assertive communication, teamwork and conflict resolution. She also improved her digital skills, as she learned how to use Microsoft Word and Excel. In addition to the training, the CIMA Project supports its participants with stipends, which Tania took advantage of. She shares these stipends helped her cover some of her food expenses, as well as to pay for transportation costs to visit the SERAJ Center.  

As part of the training pathway, Tania developed technical skills, which helped her develop an interest in customer service. Thanks to this knowledge and the guidance she received on job search platforms, Tania was able to join Liverpool, a large department store, as a full-time salesperson, where she puts into practice much of what she learned through the CIMA Project training. Additionally, she decided to invest in her formal education and is currently pursuing her high school studies. 

“Taking part in the CIMA Project meant important changes for me. Now, I feel that my life has greater value. Also, I found a safe place to express myself with women who, like me, want to achieve their goals, which motivates me to keep going. I thank Servicios a la Juventud (SERAJ) and the CIMA Project for their support as I transform barriers and fears into goals. Thank you so much!", shares Tania. 

Getting a formal and decent job was a great personal achievement

Naucalpan, México

Julieta Abigail (23) is the mother of two children and lives in Naucalpan, State of Mexico. Julieta was fully dedicated to her home and family when one day she found a poster from the Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad (JCC) Center, where the CIMA Project was advertised. Julieta decided to attend, especially since there is limited support for young mothers like herself in her community. Once enrolled in CIMA, Julieta improved important life skills such as assertive communication and teamwork. She also enhanced her leadership, empathy and resilience. Julieta improved her digital skills by safely navigating online and using Microsoft Office tools. Thanks to her newly developed skills and her perseverance, Julieta has started a new job opportunity at a multinational company in the department of customer service. “Getting a formal and decent job was a great personal achievement, through which I can generate my own income and not be economically dependent on someone else. Now, I feel more optimistic about my future and what I can achieve. I can say that yes, the decision to enroll in the CIMA Project was the best decision I could have made in my life”, shares Julieta Abigail. 

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