Empowering Indigenous Peoples through Digital Skills

Project under implementation


The Empowering Indigenous Peoples through Digital Skills (EIP) Project is a collaborative initiative between Microsoft, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), the Organization of American States (OAS), and the Trust for the Americas. This initiative targets the empowerment of Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse individuals in Canada through digital and life skills training, aimed at equipping participants with in-demand skills to more effectively compete in the digital economy. The EIP Project is possible thanks to Microsoft Philanthropies’ contribution, offering both financial and in-kind support.  

Project purpose

The Empowering Indigenous Peoples through Digital Skills (EIP) Project aims to elevate Indigenous representation in today’s economy, particularly in the tech sector, by developing key digital and life skills among its participants. Our efforts are targeted at empowering First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities through culturally sensitive training, while enhancing cultural awareness and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Project goals

Community Leadership: Equip 50 facilitators, community leaders, and Elders with the tools to lead this training within their communities, ensuring ongoing skills development and knowledge transfer.

Sustainable Impact: Create a long-lasting, positive ripple effect in Indigenous communities through education and empowerment, contributing to greater representation and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples.

Employment and Entrepreneurship Support: Assist participants in finding employment opportunities and encourage the development of entrepreneurship within Indigenous communities, thereby fostering economic self-sufficiency.

Skills Development: Train 350 Indigenous individuals aged 16 and over in key areas such as digital literacy, project management, and Microsoft 365 tools.

Strategic partners

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