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Since 2018, The Trust for the Americas, in partnership with AES Puerto Rico, implements Strengthening the Innovative Entrepreneurship, a project that aims to boost the local economy through the development and strengthening of entrepreneurships in Puerto Rico. Since then, The Trust has trained 280 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and strengthened over 70 small businesses through economic incentives and business acceleration processes.

Project purpose

In 2023, The Trust for the Americas and AES Puerto Rico implemented a new cycle of Strengthening the Innovative Entrepreneurship Project, which trained 100 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs, 80% of whom were women. Through training focused on the Canvas business model, a variety of digital tools and digital marketing for the creation of new entrepreneurships and the strengthening of small business models, the project reached 40 municipalities on the island. 

A total of 27 entrepreneurs received economic incentives to strengthen their business model, mentorship on business acceleration processes and support to develop digital products, such as web pages and promotional videos. 

The following are two of the ventures strengthened with the support of Empowering Innovative Entrepreneurship: 

Project goals

Identification of needs and interests of small entrepreneurs in Guayama and Salinas.

Implementation of a communications campaign to promote the project.

Training of at least 100 entrepreneurs in the Canvas business model, technological and entrepreneurial skills.

Strengthening of at least 20 entrepreneurships with economic incentives from AES Puerto Rico.

Strengthening of at least 20 entrepreneurships through specialized mentorship on business acceleration and digital product development.

Main achievements

Since 2018, 280 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs have developed or strengthened their business models through business and commercial skills.
Since 2018, 280 entrepreneurs have received personalized mentorship to structure their Canvas Business Model.
Since 2018, 120 entrepreneurs have presented their business models through a Pitch Tank.
Since 2018, 44 new entrepreneurships received economic incentives for the development or strengthening of their business models.
Since 2018, 20 winning entrepreneurships from previous years have received new economic incentives to support the sustainability and growth of their business models.

Strategic partners

Success Stories

Winifred Santana

Being an example of success

Winifred Santana is a 49-year-old mother, wife and grandmother. She has built an inspiring success story through her love for nature and her dedication to agriculture. With more than five years of experience in the field of agriculture, working with aeroponic crops and in-ground farming, Winifred's dream goes beyond agriculture; she wants to make a difference through practical education. Her goal is to create adapted home gardens in disadvantaged communities, providing essential support for food security.  In addition, Winifred is working hard to physically establish El Huerto de Orlean, a training school where she aims to train community leaders to work for the common good. 

Winifred found the path to her dream through the Strengthening the Innovative Entrepreneurship Project. She arrived to the project with vague ideas, but thanks to the training she undertook and the development of her Canvas business model, she discovered her passion: agricultural education. El Huerto de Orlean training school was born out of Winifred’s love to teach and support those in the agricultural field. And, with the support of Strengthening the Innovative Entrepreneurship, Winifred was able to make this social project a reality. Strengthening the Innovative Entrepreneurship changed Winifred's life. After winning first place at the entrepreneurship fair, she realized the potential of her project and the impact it could have on underserved communities. Winifred shares that her experience in the project inspired her to believe in herself and work hard to achieve her dreams. 

With the support of the economic incentives provided by AES Puerto Rico, Winifred has started to create El Huerto de Orlean training school.  Through this project, Winifred wants to help underserved families create home gardens, as well as train entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture. Her story is a testimony of perseverance and dedication to a greater cause. 

Winifred would like to thank The Trust for the Americas and AES Puerto Rico for everything that she has learned and achieved with the support of the Strengthening Innovative Entrepreneurship Project.

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