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Press releases

DIA Summit 2020 takes Jamaican youth to another level


The Trust for the Americas in partnership with the Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) and the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information of Jamaica is launching the Youth DIA Summit during Youth Month 2020 in Jamaica.


Empowering our Communities through Lifelong Learning Opportunities


Trust For the Americas is excited to announce their partnership with Rumie to bring resources in micro-learning pills.

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The Trust for the Americas apoya la gestión de transparencia de la Caja de Seguro Social de Panamá con la creación de un portal de datos abiertos.


El portal de datos abiertos es un espacio creado en el Portal Web de Transparencia de la CSS, herramientas modernas tecnológicas a disposición y dominio público. En el portal se encuentra información relevante al COVID-19, Prestaciones Económicas, Salud, Medicamentos y del Centro de Contactos de CSS relacionadas al número de llamadas y acceso a la información


The Trust for the Americas joins the Caribbean School of Data initiative to train 100 young people in digital and data skills during 2020


The Trust for the Americas, through its local partner, the Institute of Law and Economics (ILE), will kickstart the Caribbean School of Data online training module for the first cohort of 25 students on May 18th 2020.


The Trust for the Americas launches 48h Virtual Hackathon on Open Data Enabling Tourism in Belize


With tourism being an Information-Intensive sector, effective access to data and information provides the basis for awareness, choice, security, and improved service delivery between the prospective tourist and local operators. The 2020 Hackathon will focus on solutions for the utilization of open data in tourism to promote destinations, highlight value-added services, and improve safety and security.


Citi's DIA Urban Lab Jamaica and The Trust for the Americas host virtual ideathon


50 young men and women from remote locations in Jamaica will present projects to offer solutions for the challenges posed by the COVID-19.


Bogota's Local Government recognizes The Trust for the Americas for its project 'Peace Labs'


Bogotá, Colombia (07/10/2019) - The Trust for the Americas received recognition for its outstanding work as an ally in the international cooperation agreement called Peace Laboratories Project. This initiative, implemented in 2018 together with the High Council for the Rights of Victims, Peace and Reconciliation of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá; Its purpose was to promote creative processes for reconciliation, as well as to strengthen and develop capacities for the construction of peace in the territories of Bogotá prioritized for intervention within the framework of the district's peace strategy. The event took place in the Renaissance park last Friday, October 4.


Citi’s DIA Urban Lab hosts mentorship brainstorming session and awards 20 innovative projects with funding in dynamic Pitch Tank Competition


Since 2016, the DIA Urban Lab - Democratizing Innovation in the Americas – has benefited over 1,350 youth and provided grants to 88 innovative projects and groundbreaking ventures in Jamaica.


First Regional DIA Social Innovation Summit in Costa Rica


The Trust for the Americas in partnership with the InnovaAP Public Administration Innovation Laboratory held the I DIA Social Innovation Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica from May 6 to 8. During the Summit, youth, NGOs, business and social leaders met to share their experiences and co-create innovative solutions to the challenges faced by each of their communities.

Costa Rica

N.C.B. Foundation and Trust for the Americas Partner to Launch Digital and Innovation Centre


Aiming to promote the generation of wealth, digital skills, and leadership, NCB Foundation partnered with The Trust for the Americas, a non- profit affiliated to the Organization of American States (OAS), to create the NCB Foundation Digital and Innovation Center in Kingston, Jamaica. NCB Financial Group Chairman Michael Lee Chin, OJ, NCB Foundation Chairperson Thalia Lyn, NCB Foundation CEO Nadeen Matthews Blair, OAS Secretary for Hemispheric Affairs James Lambert, and Trust CEO Linda Eddleman signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch the initiative.

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