The Trust for the Americas’ JET Project Graduates 118 Youth in Digital and Life Skills

JET Project Cohort 2 graduates show-off their certificates post event alongside supporting partners, trainers and organizing team.

Kingston, Jamaica – March 17, 2024 – The Trust for the Americas, through its Democratizing Innovation in the Americas Program (DIA), proudly celebrates the monumental achievement of Cohort 2's graduation from the JET Project, marking a remarkable milestone in the project's journey to empower Jamaican youth for the digital economy. 

The rapid expansion of the digital technology landscape poses challenges for young people disproportionately affected by the mismatch between their digital skills and those in demand by the labor market. Therefore, the JET Project prioritizes employability and upskilling strategies to build a resilient labor market. Building upon the success of the inaugural cohort, the JET Project has witnessed an extraordinary increase in graduates, with 118 young Jamaicans ready to shape the future of the labor market.  

At her address, Linda Eddleman, CEO of The Trust for the Americas, expressed her elation at the exponential growth of the JET Project, stating, "The achievements of our JET Project graduates are a beacon of potential and resilience. I’m proud to witness their transformation into the ‘Pixels of Possibility’ for Jamaica, ready to shine in the digital economy." 

The NCB Foundation, a key donor in the JET Project, also lauded the success and its implications for Jamaica's future. Jamilia Crooks-Brown, Programme Administrator of the NCB Foundation, remarked, "As we celebrate the one-year milestone of our partnership with the JET Project, we are reminded of the transformative power of digital empowerment. Together, we've ignited a journey of innovation, equipping individuals to become digital producers and drive sustainable economic growth shaping a brighter future for all." 

In her testimonial, Onieka Young, a participant of Cohort 2, shared her heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities afforded by the JET Project and the profound impact it has had on her life. She remarked, "Without a doubt, the Jet Project has effectively equipped me with essential digital skills necessary for navigating today's professional landscape." 

As these young professionals embark on their professional journeys, they are poised to impact Jamaica's socioeconomic landscape, driving innovation and prosperity for generations to come. At the JET Project, we are committed to empowering young individuals by equipping them with vital digital and life skills and supporting them in securing job placements, freelance opportunities, or developing entrepreneurial ventures. 

The project is a collaborative effort implemented by The Trust for the Americas with financial support from the NCB Foundation, Microsoft, Citi Foundation, and the IDB LAB. The project is also powered by the leadership of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD), and the Ministry of Education and Youth. It exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships in driving positive change. 



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