In advancing open government in Belize through a multi-stakeholder co-creation approach, the Trust for the Americas and the Organization of the American States (OAS), are supporting during 2020 the process for developing Belize’s first open government action plan. The Action Plan is intended to serve as the instrument to orient the actions of stakeholders in Belize to accomplish certain open government commitments that are identified and agreed by government and non-government in different topics and/or sectors. Given the diverse challenges posed by COVID-19 in Belize, the exercise of developing Belize’s open government action plan seeks to contribute to defining priority areas in which open government could add more value or have a greater impact on COVID-19 related emergency response and/or recovery.

The co-creation process of an action plan entails a sustained participatory approach, open to anyone wishing to participate, to identify areas of opportunity to utilize open government in pursuing among others, new policies, improved government services, innovative transparency efforts, or alike. At the end of the action plan co-creation process and public consultations, agreed areas of opportunities to address COVID-19 response, and recovery through open government become what are known as open government commitments within action plans.

The action plan development process is divided into 3 phases: 1. Launching and Drafting; 2. Public Consultation; and 3. Editing the final Plan.

Provide feedback to commitments:

1. Ensuring the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the GOB in Climate Change and Food Security

2. Integrated Forest Management Database Development

3. Establishing Open Government Education in Belize

4. Open Data Strategy for decision making in Belize

5. Open Government in Health Services

6. Digitalization of citizen procedures to prevent corruption and improve government's accountability

7. Improving transparency with open government: Strengthening civil society participation in compliance with anti-corruption conventions

This first phase is intended to initiate a public discussion for priority areas in which the plan of action could focus on.
This phase is aimed at having the general public to review and comment directly the drafted commitments.
Once the public consultation phase is over, the inputs resulted from the revision and comments will be taken into consideration during an editing phase.

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