First DIA Lab In The Dominican Republic Has a Local Partner for Implementation

ADASEC Dominicana will carry out the new DIA Innovation Lab, developed by The Trust for the Americas and Citi Foundation, which seeks to train and empower young Dominicans.

ADASEC Dominicana will carry out the new DIA Innovation Lab, developed by The Trust for the Americas and Citi Foundation, which seeks to train and empower young Dominicans. 

The Dominican Republic. - The Trust for the Americas, through its Democratizing Innovation in the Americas (DIA) Program, and in partnership with the Citi Foundation, has selected ADASEC Dominicana as the organization that will implement the new DIA Innovation Lab in the Dominican Republic. This will be the third lab launched in the Caribbean, thanks to this collaboration. 

ADASEC Dominicana is a non-profit institution, founded in 1984 with more than 37 years of continuous service in favor of the society of this country, focused on the comprehensive development of people through access to knowledge in areas such as ecological awareness, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, among others. 

From now on, as a local partner of the DIA Lab network, ADASEC Dominicana will be able to integrate into its offer of workshops and courses, a curriculum specialized in promoting innovation and the culture of entrepreneurship, to promote the development of creative projects, which do not only represent an economic opportunity for the beneficiaries but also provide a solution to a local problem that improves the quality of life of the community.  

The new DIA Innovation Laboratory, which will be based in the cities of Bonao, La Vega, and Bani, will focus on providing Dominican youth with: 

  • A collaborative environment with access to technology and equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters. 

  • Training sessions on digital tools, financial education, business design, and management software, digital marketing, and skills for life and employment. 

  • Orientation by agents of the labor field. 

  • Tutoring from business professionals. 

  • The opportunity to compete for seed funds for the consolidation of the innovative ideas that the participants designed. 

Thanks to this alliance, ADASEC Dominicana will have a non-reimbursable grant to carry out this social impact initiative. During the first year, and with the technical support of The Trust, the local partner will seek to train 300 young people with an entrepreneurial spirit, will provide access to the facilities to members of the community, and will develop activities and events such as Pitch Tanks, Ideathons and Hackathons.  

Since 2016, The Trust for the Americas and Citi Foundation have impacted the lives of 3,139 people in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and, with the new DIA Innovation Laboratory, they seek to replicate the positive result in Dominican youth. 



About The Trust for the Americas:  

The Trust for the Americas is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with the Organization of American States (OAS). It was established in 1997 to promote public and private sector participation in social and economic development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our initiatives, implemented through local partner organizations, seek to improve access to economic opportunities as well as to foster innovation in vulnerable communities in the hemisphere. To this end, The Trust also promotes social inclusion and good governance. The Trust has offices in Washington, D.C., Colombia, and Canada.  

More information:   

Facebook: The Trust for the Americas  | Twitter:  @Trust4Americas  


About Democratizing Innovation in the Americas (DIA): 

DIA is a regional initiative launched to foster innovation and empower new generations through access to technology training, specialized curricula, collaboration spaces, mentorship, and financial resources for social and economic ventures. 

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