Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award 2019

Applications are now closed for CCA 2019!

The Awards

Each year, The Trust for the Americas and the Organization of American States (OAS) presents a Corporate Citizen of the Americas (CCA) Award to a company which has initiated a program in the Americas to benefit the community in which it operates and whose actions can serve as a model to facilitate socially responsible practices and actions by other corporations. This year’s CCA Award will be presented at the Trust for the Americas annual reception in Washington, D.C. 

The CCA Award reflects the mission of the Trust of the Americas to promote sustainability and social impact in Latin American and the Caribbean region, through public-private partnerships that allow social inclusion, sustainability and the generation of economic opportunities. Previous winners include Migraflix (Brazil), Sierra Nevada (Colombia), Tent Partnership for Refugees (USA),  Fundacion Microfinanzas BBVA (Colombia), GSMA (Argentina); Coca-Cola (Mexico); Cisco (USA); Alpina (Germany); Corporación Indra (Spain); Cemex (Mexico); Diageo (Latin America); Daimler Chrysler (Brazil); Conoco Philips (Venezuela); Pfizer (Latin America), among others.

The CCA Award changes the topic annually to recognize special projects within defined categories. some past examples: 

2019 Economic and Social Inclusion of migrants and refugees in the Americas

2018 Women Empowerment Initiatives

2017 Technology and Innovation for Social Good 

Selection process

The Trust Selection Committee select the award recipient and alternates.  The Trust Selection Committee includes senior officials from the OAS, members of the Board of Directors of Trust for the Americas and a senior official of the Trust for the Americas.


Should you require any additional information, please contact Mariana Oquendo at


In 2019, The Trust for the Americas and the OAS recognized companies that are committed to supporting long-term capacity-building, policies, and attitudes that benefit migrants as well as receiving communities in Latin America and the Caribbean